Uncap your earning potential, communicate the value of your services and get better clients                             

Hey brand + web designers...I know it seems radical, but it's possible to *finally* build a design business that's BOTH profitable and feels good.

with less stress

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The truth is selling the deliverables of your services is the fastest way to the bottom. But there's another way...

Creating predictable and profitable services and learning the skillset of clearly communicating and selling the value of what you do instead... no spilling your guts on Instagram required.

Once you master those pieces, your business potential is limitless.

Foster a mindset where you aren't "selling" anyone on anything but offering transformations and outcomes so that clients start seeing you as the single best choice in the sea of designers


Create a more profitable service suite that helps you 2x your profitability and a implement a pricing system so you can while find more ease and harmony in your working life

02. pricing + 

Master your mindset that keeps you free from the imposter monster, gain clarity on what makes you unique and start clearly working towards the goals you have for your business 

01. Mindset + positioning

Communicate the value of your services & become a magnet for high-paying clients

introducing the self study version of DESIGN BIZ MASTERY


students +


client injection workshop replay

coaching call replays in the vault

bonuses and extra workshops ( and more coming! )

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High-Level Overview of the modules

What's included?

01 of 04→

  • Enrolling clients + marketing through the lens of your personality
  • Mindset, Visioning and goal setting
  • Breaking Belief Ceilings
  • Business Stage Framework
  • Pricing models
  • Biggest pricing mistakes
  • How to increase your pricing + profitability quickly
  • Paying yourself + Profit First with your business
  • Break even rates with Profit first
  • Project Profitability + Pricing Calculator
  • Profitability with team
  • CEO schedule + take Fridays off

01. Mindset, Positioning + Profit

02. Service Suite + Pricing

03. Attracting Clients + value based selling

04. Systems + Project Streamlining

02 of 04 →

02. Service Suite + Pricing

  • CEO schedule + take Fridays off
  • What to put in Contracts based on 10 years of my experience
  • Pricing models
  • Biggest pricing mistakes
  • How to increase your pricing + profitability quickly
  • Internally + Externally Productizing your services ( sprint styles + mini-services)
  • Craft your service suite based on client stage + problems
  • Examples of Service Suite Eco-Ecosystems
  • Pricing your Offers
  • Value based pricing + Package pricing

01. Mindset, Positioning + Profit

03. Attracting Clients + value based selling

04. Systems + Project Streamlining

03 of 04→

03. Attracting Clients + value based selling

  • Value Based pricing + Selling scripts
  • Best Qs to to uncover the value
  • Sales calls that convert
  • Simplified sales call script
  • Proposal Frameworks
  • Following Up with ease
  • BONUS - $5k Client Injection Workshop
  • Attracting Higher budget clients
  • High Ticket Content
  • Marketing to Higher Budget Clients
  • Creating consistent income
  • Case study $1k to $20k
  • Watch me pitch a $70k project
  • Creating client Pipelines ( referrals )

01. Mindset, Positioning + Profit

02. Service Suite + Pricing

04. Systems + Project Streamlining

04 of 04 →

  • BUS framework to keep projects on time
  • 1 week Branding template
  • 1 week Website template
  • One concept method process
  • Scripts for handling difficult client situations and project feedback frameworks 
  • Simple tech stack for getting paid on time
  • How to display pricing on your proposals and your website
  • Moodboarding to reduce revisions
  • Client feedback scripts and frameworks
  • Scripts for difficult client situations
  • Scripts for getting projects back on track and scope creep
  • How to decrease ghosting
  • Using Notion with clients

01. Mindset, Positioning + Profit

02. Service Suite + Pricing

03. Attracting Clients + value based selling

04. Systems + Project Streamlining

Real talk. It's exhausting reinventing the wheel with each project, having no room to market and feeling stressed out all the time.

When designers want to grow, they usually think they need to add more team ( which gets expensive quick ), frantically create passive income ( which takes even more marketing ), or create lower priced day rates ( which gets you back in a volume model )...

But they're missing a crucial step that comes before anything else. 

Without clarity you'll continue to post without purpose, have clients ghost you, say you're overpriced, and be stuck in the mindset drama of if you are going out of business tomorrow.

Pay attention because what I'm about to say could save you thousands and fast track your success by years...

When you started your business, you didn't have the full picture.

some kind words

Does any of this sound familiar?

but feel stuck and like you can't raise your prices because you're afraid you'll stop booking clients

which keeps you on the never ending hamster wheel, burning the midnight oil and exhausted from the lack of predictability

which keeps you confused, unsure and overwhelmed with how to grow to that next stage of business

which brings up imposter syndrome, keeps you underpricing, unsure of your pricing strategies even when you get inquiries and often feeling like you're not good enough

which leaves you burned out, exhausted and questioning if you should burn it all down.

which leaves little room for time to build up your own business, often relies on hourly rates, and without options if they slowed down

from ABBEY from Wayfarer design studio

"By the end of the first quarter, I had already doubled my income from the previous year! "

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Before I felt like I had reached a plateau in my business. Things were fine, but I wasn't thriving.


"Since working with Morgan I have more than doubled my income, hit my revenue goals, & feel 100% confident in taking my maternity leave."

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How would it feel to have

and book high-value projects + work with the dreamy clients who respect your boundaries

and scale without sacrificing more time and energy while simplifying your business

while reaching financial goals for your family and doing work you are passionate about

04. Systems +
Project Streamlining

  • Scripts for handling difficult client situations and project feedback frameworks 

Teach Me Plz

  • Simple tech and systems stack for get paid on time, every time and project management
  • Implement the Profit First approach and my calculator for pricing profitable projects
  • My unique BUS framework that ensures projects finish on time, every time

success stories

Stefani booked her largest project

"I had a HUGE boost in confidence and my revenue from client projects alone surpassed $100k."

I booked my biggest project ever at $47k. I feel so much more comfortable talking about pricing and no longer take it personally when I don't book projects. I'm a lot more optimistic around the entire booking process. 

DBM will not only transform your business and boost your income, but you'll feel more fulfilled in your business and like a real boss. It gives you so much confidence.

Melissa booked a $14k project

"Morgan's way of doing things has totally changed my life."

In April I took a whole month off from social media because I was BURNT out. Then I came back in May with 15+ leads that turned into a 15K month. This week alone I've booked 14K, one brand/strategy intensive and then a 6 pg website for 10K. I have another 30K proposal out right now that I should hear back on next week. 

I'm working less for the most amount of money in my life and it feels good to work smarter, not harder. I can't wait to throw what I've learned into not only branding but also expanding the strategy side of my business. 🖤

life changing

Colleen earns more and works less

"Since joining DBM I feel SO confident in my processes, my pricing and my abilities as a designer. "

My revenue in Q1 surpassed my revenue in all of the previous year, which is a HUGE #win. I'm now making more while doing less, and have more time to spend with my family and work ON my business instead of IN my business.

I've been able to hire on a senior and junior designer, and a social media manager to take some things off my plate so I can focus on my zone of genius. I seriously could not have done this without DBM!

kind words

"Honestly every designer should take DBM because at least for me it was when I truly started seeing my own value and moved into five figure months consistently. 👏🏼"

I swear I would normally never attribute it to mindset, like, reading it as a selling feature when I wanted to first join? I would’ve tried to “skip it” and go to the tangible stuff (because I want the step by step 🤪 as if it was that easy) but I NEVER imagined that just seeing you explain the process and the value of projects? It clicked. It just clicked. It made a whole difference into how I do sales calls, pricing, just all of it.

So now I could say the big shift from DBM is mindset. Finally seeing my work is worth it, the value it brings the clients. And charging for it!

- INGRID from penguin design

kind words

"I've charged way more for my work than I ever have before. I've never charged more than 5K for my work, and I've successfully done that twice since the program began. I'M STOKED. And I've met a ton of amazing designers in the process. :) "

Also, how you got me to sign up was a huge mindset shift too. You have to be willing to spend money on your own biz growth if you want others to spend money on their own biz growth too.

- ALEX from arcoiris design

How does this sound?



Move beyond imposter & shiny object syndrome into a confident and focused business owner


Ditch long timelines for profitable  and enjoyable projects with dreamy clients


Feel confident you know leads are coming in and you have different marketing arms to leverage


Find your own sweet spot of income & personal life that allows for freedom and flexibility


Increase your prices, take on fewer clients, and pave the way for passive income

student experiences

"The mindset shift has been the biggest win for me- I'm more confident in the value I bring to my clients and I've really felt a change as I lean into the 'legitimacy' of myself as a small business owner."

I feel like my pricing better matches my value and while I'm still perfecting it, I have all the tools to get me there. My sales calls now have more structure and intention.

Also Morgan's way of working towards the LIFESTYLE you want to live (and then adapting your business to suit that) has been a game-changer. I often find myself falling into the comparison trap and rather then looking at 'what I should do' and instead reframing it to be 'does this work for me?' has been a real touch-stone I keep referring to. 

Laura from Obscurio & Co.

"I have SO much confidence now when I do sales calls." 

They flow very easily and are very structured so I never have to guess on what to do. I feel very confident saying big numbers and have booked $20k design packages ever since. I was able to reach six figures in the first three months of the year. 

I am so grateful for the community when I had moments of not knowing how to handle certain situations. It was so nice to be able to turn to the group and ask. Now that I am done with the program I am confident, feel like even more of a boss, and now looking to grow my business in ways I didn't think were possible.

Lexi from Dynamo Ultima

 "I feel more aligned than ever in my business and am consistently booking clients who align with my values and truly light me up."

Through the DBM framework, I've had the space and support to really craft my business around my lifestyle and current season (mom to a young baby and a military spouse). By creating this space for myself, not only has my income increased (!!),  I feel more aligned than ever in my business and am consistently booking clients who align with my values and truly light me up.

Jen Davis from Hello June Creative

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"My confidence has increased, i'm not scared of sales calls and I have clarity in my position and offers. I'm now treating my business like a business. Feeling confident that I can run this and charge more while raising my sons.

My monthly revenue is 3-4x higher than it was before. I know how to come up with smaller offers that would work with those with a smaller budge and how to ask deeper questions ( as well as day rates! ) Somehow more opportunity came once I joined?! I also know how to reverse engineering solutions based on value. "


michelle m.

melissa y.

Emily F.


JEN c.

Next >

"I reworked my pricing structure and doubled my rates for the same work I was doing last year. I feel more grounded in my confidence getting on sales calls with a clear objective and knowing the value and unique experience I can bring to our clients.

I would say the most valuable aspect of the program for me has been the sales element. Understanding how to structure a sales call, getting on more of them just for the sake of practice, and asking the right questions to identify red flags up front and step into the role of expert/diagnoser vs. skillset for hire. "


michelle m.

Melissa Y.

Emily F.


Jen C.

Next >

"I niched down and was able to figure out a clearer direction for my marketing and positioning. That was probably the biggest win!

I also signed a few day rates and intensives with people in my niche! I started making connections with people in my niche and am starting to make progress in being more recognized by people in the wedding/photography industry. 

 I also realized near the end of the program how much better it can be to sell intensives or smaller offers that are still profitable versus larger offers. It definitely gave me a better direction for my marketing, so that I can more easily brainstorm content ideas and I have a clearer idea of next steps to take to find clients. "


michelle m.

melissa y.

Emily F.

JessicA C.

JEN c.

Next >

"My biggest win was during the mindset module. I feel like I had big breakthroughs by taking the time to actually zoom out, remember why I started my business in the first place, and what success truly looks like for me (no one else’s definition).

That mental clarity has been priceless in helping me move forward with new goals and to know that I’m already a success even though my business looks different from others and has different goals."


michelle m.


emily f.


jen c.

Next >

"My favorite moment was when I booked 3 different projects at an average price of $4k that have taken me DAYS to complete instead of months! 

 have also become fully comfortable with bracketing $10-$15k plus projects to new clients and have the day rate as a backup offering if they can't make that kind of investment."

Jordan C.

Michelle m.

melissa Y.

emily f.


jen c.

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"There are so many direct results I got from this program--but I would say the biggest overarching one would be learning how to operate as a confident and legit design business--not just a freelancer. 

I tripled my income the year after my first round of DBM which was in itself amazing. I learned how to price myself and price projects well. I don't feel like pricing is this illusive guessing game anymore. I learned how to manage clients well and have appropriate boundaries with them. I learned how to increase my prices by communicating the value of design to my audience."


michelle m.

melissa y.

emily f.


jen c.

From past students

"I raised my prices without feeling guilt, completely shifted my mindset, and gained so much more purpose in what I was doing as a designer."

Additionally, I gained amazing friends in the design community and I didn't have that before DBM! We still talk and cheer each other on and that is everything to me. It was the greatest investment in my business.

Chloe T.

"I now see money in a different way - it's like the ceiling has moved for me. DBM has made me rethink profitability and (over)delivery." 

Practically speaking, I feel more business minded now. It has changed the way I approach business inside and out; specifically everything around money.

I now see that 6 figures and beyond is a total GIVEN for me, without a doubt, whereas I used to think it was for a special kind of person. 

Laura e. from our Kind Studio

"I wish I took DBM earlier!"

My biggest lightbulb moment is believing in the value that I bring (as a brand and web designer) to companies I work with. This made me much more confident in pricing my services.

It has opened my eyes to the value of my work as a designer and how I can reflect that on my pricing. The community is gold! 

RAche d. from squarestylist

"Look no further than DBM."

Morgan breaks everything down into such practical and actionable steps - it leaves you thinking "how was I ever running my business another way?" If you're on the fence about joining DBM or wondering if it's right for you, take it from someone who was right there 6 months ago- go for it! The benefits far outweigh the risks.

Amber ladd

"I joined at the start of my business and it set the tone for me."

I learned how to price by value and how to be confident on sales calls. Her coaching, backed by over 10 years of experience running her own studio, made me feel that anything was possible, and that I could structure my business the way I wanted to.

ESTHER k. from sereth design




Creator +

I've been a service provider for 10 years, had over 700+ students through my programs and run a 7-figure business.

I’m here to help service pros and experts who love what they do UNCAP their earning potential and leverage their time and expertise through more scalable and less stressful offers.

Design Biz Mastery was created 4 years ago based on my own experience doubling my income and scaling my design business to 6 figures. I'm here to help you do the same.

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"My biggest win happened just two weeks after joining DBM – I landed my biggest client to date thanks to a value-based conversation and immediately made back the money that I had invested in DBM."

— Lindsey Scholz, Course Student

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